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Get the information you need, when you need it!

CrmTeractive is a cloud-based CRM that can be totally customized to match your company’s needs and current business strategy.

Better support of Sales

CrmTeractive allows you to manage the sales process from start to finish, as well as give after-sales assistance to your staff.

Built-in Marketing Support

Our software comes pre-packaged with a number of various modules to assist you to handle all of your different marketing initiatives.

In one app, you can manage all of your customer interactions and sales.

CrmTeractive is a cloud-based CRM that is simple to use and entirely customizable to meet your company’s needs.

Feedback Summaries

CrmTeractive enables you to better track and analyze customer feedback on a wide scale, providing you with critical information quickly.

Integrated Calendar

Our software comes with a robust built-in calendar that helps you to keep track of your tasks and forthcoming activities, to keep you updated.

Get in touch with us!

Send us a note and we’ll get in touch. We’re always happy to talk about potential improvements and answer any questions you might have.

How to implement
a crm in your business!

Follow these five simple steps to get started with CrmTeractive and have our CRM solution up and running in your organization in no time.

1 Analyze your business and sales
2 Preparation and planning
3 Implementing and upgrading
4 Migrating existing data
5 User training

View our price ranges

From free to enterprise we offer a variety of pricing models to better fit your team’s work environment and corporate culture!

Learn more about the services CrmTeractive offers to its users

Maximize value by having core information that affects your company always available to all parts of your team.

Easy to use interface

The CrmTeractive app includes a sleek dashboard that displays all of the critical data in one location.

ERP intergration

MS Navision, SAP, Largo, Basque, and a variety of other ERPs are all supported out of the box by CrmTeractive.

Crmteractive has everything a crm needs!

From advanced customization to user account control, we have you covered.

100% Customizable

CrmTeractive can be fully modified to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.

User Account Control

We give you the opportunity to limit users’ or groups’ access to specific portions of the system.

Effective Summaries

We provide great reports for you that show you a thorough and accurate breakdown of your sales channels.

Adv. Data Ordering

We give your company a comprehensive overview of all of your contacts and clients.

Quick Briefings

CrmTeractive provides you with a summary of all your customer data and sales activities, regardless of where you are.

Co-ordinate Sales

The number of successful transactions can be increased by using our effective sales supervision and sales closure tools.