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CRM & You

To get started with CrmTeractive, simply follow our five simple steps and get our CRM solution implemented in your firm in a timely and efficient manner.

For your team

We hold monthly online seminars, courses, and events for your staff where we demonstrate best practices in the areas of sales, CRM, and marketing. At your request, we can also organize individually tailored training sessions at your headquarters to provide your team with all of CrmTeractive abilities and benefits.

1 Analyze your business and sales
Our customer service team can assist you with basic questions such as:

  • Is your organization good at communicating with customers?
  • Are you able to conduct market research in order to identify potential business opportunities?
  • What sales activities do you have going on, and how could you make them better?
  • How happy are your salespeople, and what can you do to make them happier?
2 Preparation and planning

We can help you identify measurable goals and KPIs, determine the right technique for your CRM, and set time frames using CrmTeractive’s knowledge and experience. Our customer service representatives will also point out any potential pitfalls or restrictions and provide appropriate strategies to avoid them. It will be much easier to determine the goals you want to achieve using CrmTeractive once you have the big picture.

3 Implementing and upgrading

The CrmTeractive team will walk you through the whole implementation process. We’ll make sure the application follows the laid-out design while staying within the defined time and budget constraints. Our specialists will also assist with implementation with any required parties when linking with other systems.

4 Migrating existing data

It can be challenging to transfer data from other systems or databases that your firm owns. CrmTeractive, on the other hand, has years of experience and has created ways and tools for quickly migrating your data to our system – with no data loss or duplication.

5 User training

CRM can provide a number of advantages to a company, but some staff may be averse to using the new software. Not all employees must embrace the changes without reservation; CRM must be presented to them as a tool that will assist them, not as a burden.

CrmTeractive’s features:

Learn more about the characteristics of CrmTeractive and what we specialize in. Our team has worked hard to make our application completely customizable in order to help you improve your sales and business processes. We hope to deliver the greatest customer service and accessibility to our consumers.

Better Management

Better optimize your team and your workflow with CrmTeractive large suite of interactive and business viable tools. We guarantee that through your implementation of CrmTeractive.

Quick Summaries

In one app, you can manage all of your customer interactions and sales. CrmTeractive is a cloud-based CRM that is simple to use and entirely customizable to meet your company’s needs.

Value Maximization

Learn more about the services CrmTeractive offers to its users. Maximize value by having core information that affects your company always available to all parts of your team.