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Value Maximization

Learn more about the services CrmTeractive offers to its users. Maximize value by having core information that affects your company always available to all parts of your team.

Easy to use interface

The CrmTeractive program includes a modern dashboard that allows you to see all of your key data in one spot.

All of your vital data is in one location, and you can see key performance indicators throughout your whole company in real-time. The dashboard can be customized and altered to display only the information that is relevant to your company.

  • Select what you’d like to view.
  • Send messages and make calls.
  • Join multiple separate workgroups together.

ERP intergration

CrmTeractive integration comes standard with bidirectional synchronization between firms and contacts, automatic one-way referencing of offers and orders, and financial data transfer from the ERP system to our software. ERP systems can have a direct impact on the sales process. CrmTeractive understands this, which is why we place a premium on straightforward ERP connectivity.

  • Various types of technology integration.
  • Unlock the potential for complex, unique integration with a variety of ERP options

Our other features:

Learn more about the characteristics of CrmTeractive and what we specialize in. Our team has worked hard to make our application completely customizable in order to help you improve your sales and business processes. We hope to deliver the greatest customer service and accessibility to our consumers.

Quick Summaries

In one app, you can manage all of your customer interactions and sales. CrmTeractive is a cloud-based CRM that is simple to use and entirely customizable to meet your company’s needs.

Better Management

Better optimize your team and your workflow with CrmTeractive large suite of interactive and business viable tools. We guarantee that through your implementation of CrmTeractive.