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Better Management

Better optimize your team and your workflow with CrmTeractive large suite of interactive and business viable tools. We guarantee that through your implementation of CrmTeractive, you will see an Improvement in your productive capacities.

Better support of Sales

CrmTeractive allows you to manage the sales process from start to finish, as well as give after-sales assistance to your staff.

We make it possible for you to automate your sales process. Some tasks can be partially automated, while others can be designed to perform themselves automatically if specific conditions are met.

  • Sales activities are created automatically.
  • A flexible sales procedure.
  • Filters can help you sort through your opportunities.

Built-in Marketing Support

CrmTeractive provides a number of modules that can assist you in managing all of your company’s marketing initiatives.

CrmTeractive allows you to filter potential clients based on a variety of variables to improve your targeting. You can construct tailored marketing campaigns for these contacts (seminars, events, emails, etc.)

  • It’s a lot easier to make custom material now.
  • Produces performance reports on a broad scale.
  • Contacts are filtered based on previous campaigns.

Our other features:

Learn more about the characteristics of CrmTeractive and what we specialize in. Our team has worked hard to make our application completely customizable in order to help you improve your sales and business processes. We hope to deliver the greatest customer service and accessibility to our consumers.

Quick Summaries

In one app, you can manage all of your customer interactions and sales. Crmteractive is a cloud-based CRM that is simple to use and entirely customizable to meet your company’s needs.

Value Maximization

Learn more about the services CrmTeractive offers to its users. Maximize value by having core information that affects your company always available to all parts of your team.